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5 Property Tax Grievance Questions You Need Answered Now

Property Taxes

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There are many questions that arise among Nassau County homeowners who are considering filing a property tax grievance. Thankfully (and this is the season of giving thanks, after all), we can turn to the local experts at Maidenbaum Property Tax Reduction Group, LLC, who are here to share their insights and expertise to help homeowners make informed decisions.

Should I bother filing a grievance even if my County assessment seems low?
Even if your assessment seems low, you should be filing a tax grievance on a yearly basis. Why? Because the School and General Tax rates continue to rise. If you do not file a grievance, you have no way to protect yourself from the consistently increasing tax rates.

Can I grieve my Village and/or City tax assessment?
Yes, you can. However, the Village filing deadlines are different from the County. Please be sure to review our authorization form for the submission deadline for your Village. We will file a Village grievance on your behalf, if our analysis indicates that there is a good case for an assessment reduction.

Can the tax rate also be challenged as part of a property tax grievance?
No, we cannot grieve the School or General tax rates. We can only challenge the assessment. Tax rates are a function of the relationship between assessed values and local budgets such as the county, town, school and village. They are set by local organizational entities such as the County Legislature, the town, village or school boards in your neighborhood. Therefore, the only way a taxpayer can effectively “challenge” a tax rate is to be active politically – typically by voting or organizing others to vote in elections to support or oppose local budgets.

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Is there a chance that Nassau County would have lowered my assessment automatically?
No. A grievance must be filed for the assessment to be challenged. If we are successful, we will provide you with proof from the Nassau County Assessment Review Commission or the Small Claims Assessment Review Decision.

If my grievance is successful, when will the assessment reduction begin to appear on my tax bill?
For the 2023/2024 tax year, a successful assessment reduction may be reflected in three possible ways. If the reduction is implemented before the tax bills are issued, it will be reflected on the October 2023 (1st half) School Tax bill and the January 2024 (1st half) General Tax bill. Alternatively, if the reduction is implemented after the tax bills are issued, it can be reflected by way of corrected tax bills and/or a refund of overpayment.

Learn more about property tax grievances and other property tax issues at maidenbaumtax.com.