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2022 05 12 Rockville Centre Pillips House

A Piece of the Rock: Rockville Centre’s Road From Sailors’ Haven to Bustling Community

Rockville Centre has been a home to progress and pop culture since the Long Island Rail Road first chugged into town in 1867 — bringing with it a quick commute to New York City and setting the stage for the development of one of the most popular towns on Long Island.... Read More
2022 05 11 Jones Beach Water Tower

Jones Beach — Before the Crowd Gets There

Summer is coming, so we took a walk around Jones Beach. Check out our photos from a gorgeous, pre-season morning.... Read More
2022 05 10 Buyingahome

Four Pro Tips for Making Your Home Search Successful

Purchasing a home is a pivotal moment in a person's life, so making an informed decision on what you buy and how much you pay is critical. Sure, you’ve heard tips from your pals and know about the tricks sellers use to get you to buck up, but it’s always best to get your advice from a pro. And Kevin Leatherman is that pro.... Read More
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