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Big Year-Round Impact from Small Home Design Touches


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“Adding new things always makes you happy.” This bit of wisdom courtesy of Danielle Frey can apply to many aspects of everyday life, but today the Brand Manage and Buyer for Madison’s Niche boutique in Stony Brook is focused on the fashion and fun of your home. ANd not just for the holidays.

Even simple design and décor touches, Frey notes, can help you find small joys throughout the year while keeping your home looking and feeling new.

Instead of reworking an entire room, little changes can make a big difference and give you the chance to refresh a home whenever the urge strikes. What Frey especially likes about this approach is that it allows a number of different styles to come together. Don’t be afraid to choose diverse pieces, modern and classic alike, and unite them. A country kitchen, for example, can still be home to a marble cutting board.

“Definitely mix! I love that whole eclectic feel,” she says. “Unless you’re building a brand-new house and you’re so streamlined and focused on shopping only one style, everyone’s house is going to have a little bit of everything. And I think that’s what makes your own space special. I think you should mix and match different styles of home décor.”

Time to start mixing and matching Frey’s fab five home decorating moves you can make right now, next week, next year…

Table Tops: If you have an entryway table, or in the center of your dining table, put a basket and get a candle in there, or a new floral arrangement. Vases are huge right now—traditional ones, and some that have a new, clean almost Scandinavian feel. That’s a good way to change up your table top.

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Flowers: A really great idea for the full year is change your floral arrangement with the seasons. If you have a pet and you can’t have real plants, artificial plants and leaves look so real nowadays, you could put a bouquet of fake flowers and it will look real and beautiful, and it just adds that little softness and pop to your table.


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Diffusers: You don’t need to light it, you don’t need to remember to blow it out, they can go in any room, and they really fill the room with fragrance. And fragrance lifts your spirits. So I think diffusers are important to have in every room, if you can do it, but especially the rooms you’re going to be visiting a lot—powder room, kitchen, your bedroom. It just gives you a nice relaxing atmosphere

Madisons Niche Throw Pillow

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Throw Pillows: There are neutral ones that would match anyone’s couch, and then there’s something with a design, floral throw pillows with studs on the ends—that’s just a fun way to spice up a couch or a chair, or even your bed. You can make it feel different without spending a lot and without having to change the entire room

Chanel5 Book

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Books: Books are a huge thing right now. It’s very popular to do a little stack of books,  decorative books like Chanel No. 5, the coffee table book. It’s a show stopper. Or they could be designers, they could be home-related, like Martha Stewart’s—it’s a great coffee table book but it also has great recipes in there. So it’s double duty, it’s decorative but it’s also useful.

Bottom Line: You want to feel happy in your space. So add things that bring you joy.

Learn and see more at madisonsniche.com.