Bring Valentine’s Day Love Into Your Home

By: Kate Nalepinski
Pink Air Balloons Heart Shape On A White Background. Concept Wedding, Valentines Day, Photo Zone, Lovers. Pattern. Flat Lay, Top View


Hearts and flowers and Cupids and red trappings galore… Going overboard with Valentine’s Day decor is easy to do, says Niki Drako of Nectar & Ambrosia Decor in Long Beach—especially after the explosion of decorating that stems from the Christmas holiday season. But there are plenty of ways to elevate your indoor space without overdoing the lovey-dovey vibes, she says.

The key, Drako notes, is to pinpoint one area in your home to adorn, whether it be a table, bookcase or couch. Believe it or not, smaller changes to one section of a room can dramatically change up a space, she says. “Focus on making a focal point in your house, rather than just throwing little things everywhere.”

One easy fix that won’t break the bank? Swap out your throw pillows, Drako says. “Different throw pillows can totally change a space, especially for Valentine’s Day. An easy way to add a pop of color to the room would be reds or pinks,” she says. “I like to switch up the shapes and sizes of them, and then bring them altogether with a cohesive color palette or pattern.” An even more affordable option? Just snag some pillow covers and re-cover what you already have.

Further, Drako suggests using candy as a tool. Wrapped chocolates and cookies are perfect, especially for Valentine’s Day, since it’s based heavily around sweet treats.

In an entryway, on kitchen island or console table, make a “candy cart” by using apothecary jars and filling them up with colorful chocolates, cookies and candies. “The hardest part is not eating all of them,” she teases. “For me, it gives me a bit of happiness to pass by and see that pop of color.”

To create a custom “backdrop” in your home —a cute idea for a Galentine’s Day party—buy some heart-shaped mylar balloons and attach them to the walls. “You just use double-sided tape or Command strips and you do a couple rows of heart balloons in any color you want,” Drako says. “It’s super simple, cute, affordable and makes a statement.”

To subtly decorate for any holiday, try “tablescaping.” Simply coordinate your napkins, table runner and floral arraignment and– bam! Themed decor wonder instantly created. For Valentine’s Day, Niki leans into warmer tones – for one table setting, she combined rose gold metals with pastel pinks linens and rich red roses.

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