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Style Secrets of Hardwood Floors to Floor You

Whether you’re planning a new build, upgrading your current house or focusing on a specific room, hardwood floors add a timeless beauty. Of course, choosing the right hardwood requires some expert insights.

Pineapple Fence

A Pineapple Welcome in Pumpkin Season

We love seeing pumpkins adorning front stoops and doorways across Long Island. Just like a red door or a candle in the window, they are inviting and offer a certain warm air of welcome to a home. But few symbols have the enduring power of hospitality, of saying Welcome Home, like the pineapple.... Read More

Make Your Home Simply BOO-tiful For Halloween

The late-summer weather on Long Island may be feeling more like days by the pool versus nights full of ghouls, but take a look at your neighbors and the shops down on Main Street, and you'll see that the spirit of Halloween, and Halloween decorating, is in the air.... Read More
Hampton Classic Table

Setting a Classic Table for Fall Outdoor Entertaining

The outdoor entertaining season here on Long Island extends well into September and beyond, with many days of ideal weather setting the stage for outdoor get togethers. Pull up a chair as one of Long Island’s most time-honored events inspires innovative and classic ideas for setting a seasonally inspired table at home.... Read More