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Must-Sea Home Decor Inspirations from Greenport

The smell of salt water lingers subtly in the air as you turn the corner of Front Street in Greenport and head toward the wharf. It isn’t ocean heavy, but just the perfect amount to immerse strollers-by in the romance and adventure of the nautical culture that is all around…especially at the historic Preston’s Chandlery.

Rustic Loft 970x250

New Kitchen Looks with Old-School Charm

Regardless of a house's style, the kitchen, more than any other room, is the heart of the home. And an updated kitchen is essential to both day-to-day living and marketability when putting a home up for sale. But if you live in a house that has a past you're looking to preserve, how can you upgrade an older kitchen and maintain its historic charm? Read on... ... Read More

Time to Think About Outdoor Living Spaces for Spring

Just picture it: Lounging out in an Adirondack chair, seated besides aromatic spring blooms, sunlight trickling in. Beautiful spring weather seems to be setting in on Long Island, and that means it's time to start planning all the details for  your exterior living areas. Get ready to bring the comfort and style of the indoors to your backyard!... Read More
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Bring Valentine’s Day Love Into Your Home

Hearts and flowers and Cupids and red trappings galore... Going overboard with Valentine's Day decor is easy to do—maybe even a bit too easy, especially after the explosion of decorating that stems from the Christmas holiday season. But there are plenty of ways to elevate your indoor space without overdoing the lovey-dovey vibes for February 14...and beyond.... Read More
Rustic Loft 970x250