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8 Great Gadgets to Get Every Kitchen Cookin’

The kitchen is everybody’s favorite room in the house, not just for the big meals that come out but for all the little things that make it special. Whether you’re a home chef preparing for your next dinner party or a first-time homeowner setting up your kitchen, stocking the space with essential cooking gadgets ensures that every meal will be memorable. Food industry extraordinaire Fran Walker, owner of Chef Fran’s Kitchenwares in Jamesport, dishes on her picks for tools of the trade that everyone will love to have in their kitchen.

Pro Se Vs. A Pro: Should I Grieve My Own Taxes?

The Latin term for “on behalf on oneself” is Pro Se. You’ve likely heard it used in terms of legal proceedings of the kind you see on TV or in the movies, where the defendant stands up in a packed courtroom and announces “I am representing myself, Your Honor.” The practice can also apply when grieving one’s property taxes, but the question is, should I really undertake that myself?... Read More
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Should I Grieve My Taxes If I’m Selling My Home?

The local real estate market remains hot, and with sales prices at notable highs and inventory continuing to be historically low, many homeowners are pondering whether now is the time to put their house up for sale. While it remains a seller’s market for now, buyers are still doing their due diligence and weighing all the factors. And very high on that list, one of the first numbers people check, is property taxes.... Read More
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Ten Qualities of a Great Property Tax Reduction Specialist

There are any number of facts one should have at their disposal when deciding to move ahead with an effort to lower their property tax assessment, but few are as important as this: Not all property tax reduction experts are created equal.What traits and talents should you be looking for in your search? We turned to the experts at Maidenbaum Property Tax Reduction Group for their insights into what qualities a homeowner should seek when doing their due diligence in hiring a property tax reduction specialist.... Read More