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East Egging You On: Live Like Gatsby on Sands Point

2022 07 Leatherman Gatsby 01

The Great Gatsby's great mansion from the 2013 Baz Luhrmann film.Warner Bros. Pictures

Jay Gatsby believed in the green light, and now there’s an opportunity to own it.

Metaphorically, of course.

Five Gold Coast properties situated in the village of Sands Point on the peninsular known as “East Egg” in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” — where Daisy Buchanan’s beacon made its nightly call to Gatsby across the harbor — have hit the market, giving bibliophiles with the means the chance to own in an area as revered as the author who wrote about it.

In Fitzgerald’s Roaring-Twenties world, East Egg was the home of old money and the mansion Daisy shared with her cheating husband, Tom, was a symbol of how far out of reach she had become to her former flame Gatsby. The home described in the book was based on the former Guggenheim estate that still stands today and is just a stone’s throw away.

“This is as good as it gets on Nassau County’s North Shore,” said Kevin Leatherman of Leatherman Homes, who has the listing of this property in one of Long Island’s most storied locales. “And it’s a unique opportunity, with five residential building lots for new construction.”

But it is not for all comers.

These special properties, according to Leatherman, voted the 2020 Long Island Broker of the Year by the Long Island Board of Realtors and once named the top broker in Nassau County by Long Island Business News, require a special kind of buyer.

“This isn’t your average drive up, take a look around, see if you like it, and buy it,” Leatherman said. “For properties like these, you have to treat it like a bottle of fine wine — you need to let it breathe before you take a sip. You don’t just dive right in.”

And letting breathe requires knowing exactly what you want, and having the means to get it done. But once it is done…

The rolling terrain offers Elysian views of Manhasset Bay, where ships from the nearby eponymous yacht club stipple the shoreline, while dreaming of speeding a roadster over a sparkling Queensboro Bridge and into Manhattan.

2022 07 Leatherman Gatsby 03

An old map of the area.

Historically a portion of part of a larger property called “The Moorings,” the properties, at 29 Cedar Lane, 27 Cedar Lane, 25 Cedar Lane, 23 Cedar Lane, and 21 Hicks Lane are each more than two acres each. But they are far from the cookie-cutter pieces of land that made the suburbs famous. Each has its own distinct, irregular lines that add to its appeal.

Of course, they offer quick access to the city via the Long Island Rail Road as well as numerous shopping, dining, and cultural institutions nearby.

Sand’s Point was incorporated in 1910, and was originally owned by three families — the Sands, the Cornwells, and the Vanderbilts. The property was purchased in 1924 by George & Elizabeth Marshall.

Whose name will be next?

And so we beat on…

For more information, head to www.leathermanhomes.com/sands-point.

2022 07 Leatherman Gatsby 02

Beyond West Egg is the city.OneKey