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Escapes: Toasting Northport’s Del Vino Vineyards

Raise A Glass To Del Vino Vineyards

Photo Courtesy Del Vino Vineyards

“Vive Bene, Spesso L’amore, Di Risata Molto” (Live Well, Laugh Often and Love More)—The Giachetti Family 

You hold up your wine and offer cheers to the sunsetting sky when the rays hit just right—flickers of red, gold or rose illuminate the glass. You’re surrounded by good company, fresh food and 11 acres of stunning landscape. Welcome to Del Vino Vineyards.

In the early 1800s in a small village in Italy called San Leucio, the Giachetti family began crafting fine wine, curating unique blends quite literally fit for a king. Centuries later, the distinct and distinguished process has found a home amid the waterside community of Northport, ready to be enjoyed and experienced by generations for years to come.

The family-owned and operated vineyard was established in October 2018 and built on top of a 90-year-old apple farm. The original house was lifted and preserved, blending the history of Long Island with the ancestral process of winemaking excellence from Italy.

Owners and winemakers Lisa and Fred Giachetti have created a sense of familial community with the island. The family encourages visitors to come and enjoy the simple pleasures of wine and food while building new connections and memories with those around the table, welcoming guests to their home as if they were family.

“Our wine invites the contemplation of time and place. When you visit our tasting room, you are coming to our home,” the Giachettis wrote. “We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor as much as we enjoy sharing them with you.”

It’s a true art, from understanding the soil and sunlight to creating to wines to the culinary craftsmanship and food pairings offered onsite. The team at Del Vino defines the concept of artisanal, their relationship with the vineyard intimate and meaningful. The finest wine comes not only from the right vineyard but from a vineyard that has been tended by the right people.

Every inch of the vineyard is known intimately, since they farm it themselves, and Lisa and Fred believe in a symbiotic connection between the vineyard and the cellar. They know the best wine is not made but discovered, and they embrace the mystery nature brings to each wine’s notes and flavors.

The tasting bar offers a plethora of Del Vino wines, while one of the party accommodations such as the Tuscan Room creates a different ambience, with deep wood tables, large barn doors and plenty of windows to let the golden hour seep through. Yet the open air beckons. Just as the team at Del Vino bonds with their land, they encourage guests to roam the vineyard and take a quiet moment to themselves before heading back to the celebrations awaiting at the outdoor seating area. Iron tables and chairs are spread out beneath twinkling lights within the rows of vines, where guests can enjoy wine or specialty drinks like Frose Cabernet Crush or homemade limoncello.

Executive Chef Massimo Coscia creates dishes made to be paired with the wines, including light bites from the tapas menu, such as charcuterie and cheese boards, cauliflower pizza or the Del Vino Sandwich made of pesto, prosciutto, arugula, roma tomatoes and fresh mozzarella on focaccia. Naturally, each has specific recommended wine pairings for the ultimate experience.

The sustainable farm is Long Island Green Certified, meaning the vineyard can evolve and thrive generation after generation, preserving the ecosystem that is in turn bearing fruit in each bountiful harvest. By holding regular meetings to improve, track and keep up-to-date with their sustainable practices, the team ensures the quality of life of neighboring communities and that Del Vino will remain a part of Long Island for the years to come, aging and improving like a fine vintage that becomes more beloved and special over time.

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