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Follow These Five Safety Tips When Using Your Outdoor Firepit

2022 05 24 Firepitsafety02

Chairs should not be too close to your firepit.Metro Creative

Having children or house pets will impact your choice of a firepit or outdoor fireplace, because when it comes to our little loved ones, you can never be too safe.

Some experts recommend staying clear of open-flame firepits because they can become hazardous if unattended, especially when burning wood. The safest options are a wall-mounted infrared heater or infrared propane tower, which keeps the heat source away from kids or pets, according to the pros.

But if you are considering an open-flame firepit, here are some tips to follow to keep yourself, your family, and your furry friends safe:

2022 05 24 Firepitsafety03 Inset

Make sure to use the proper kind of wood when firing up this year.Metro Creative

Avoid using a firepit on windy days: This seems obvious, and it should be. Embers and sparks capable of burning people and pets can also be set nearby brush or structures ablaze. And be sure to keep the area clear of debris that could light on fire.

Only use firewood: Don’t burn a two-by-four or piece of plywood you have laying around, as some of that wood is treated with chemicals that can create toxic fumes.

Have a fire extinguisher nearby: You can never be too careful when it comes to fire, and it is better to have a working retardant nearby in case of an emergency.

Know your distance: Don’t put your chairs too close to the fire. To avoid burns, stay far enough away — even when roasting marshmallows. And make sure you’re not wearing loose-fitting close that could light up.

Don’t leave the fire unattended: Let’s face it, the reason you built the fire is to sit around it. If you plan on leaving, put the fire out first.

2022 05 24 Firepitsafety

Thinking of celebrating the summer with a fire pit in your yard? Be sure to follow these tips.Metro Creative