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Get Off the Grid on Oak Island

2022 05 19 Oak Island04

Solar panels bring electricity to this off-the-grid Oak Island beach house.OneKey MLS

On Oak Island, there’s no need for a driveway.

But a dock? That’s kind of a necessity.

If you’ve ever dreamed of spending your summers solemnly off the grid, now’s your chance to snatch up this Oak Island charmer just waiting to be sailed up to.

Built in 1900, this classic cottage features an open floor plan with views that go on for miles, plus two bedrooms, a modern bath, and a washer and dryer.

Electricity is provided via the solar panels on the roof, powering all lights and a microwave. There’s even a gas stove.

This is a true summer home: Oak Islanders aren’t allowed to live there year-round, and have to get to the island, located a stone’s throw from Ocean Parkway on Jones Beach Island, without the help of a public ferry. (That means you either swim there (it is doable) or take your own boat).

And it can all be your’s for $278,000.

The Island features 52 homes, and owners have access to a gated parking lot off Ocean Parkway from which they can float over to their homes.

Check to the photos below and see if you like it. And if you do, check the listing here.

2022 05 19 Oak Island03

You can see for miles.OneKey MLS


2022 05 19 Oak Island01

The bathroom.OneKey MLS


2022 05 19 Oak Island07

A place to rest.OneKey MLS


2022 05 19 Oak Island05

Sliders to the very private beach.OneKey MLS



2022 05 19 Oak Island02

It’s not an Oak Island home without a dock.OneKey MLS