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Gold Coast and Great Gatsby Dreams in Sands Point

The Moorrings Kevin Leatheman

Courtesy Leatherman Homes

Across the courtesy bay the white palaces of fashionable East Egg glittered along the water…

And so F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby transports us to the Gold Coast of Long Island, into the timeless elegance it embodies to this very day. Of course, while East Egg is the stuff of fiction, its real-world inspiration in Sands Point is very real. It may still feel like the stuff of dreams, truth be told.

At 23 Cedar Lane, 25 Cedar Lane, 27 Cedar Lane, 29 Cedar Lane and 21 Hicks Lane, represented by Kevin Leatherman and Leatherman Homes, these are dreams that can be realized along the elysian shores of Manhasset Bay as one steps onto the terroir of this historic estate and envisions what might be.

“We’re talking about the Gold Coast—this is as good as it gets on Nassau County’s north shore,” Leatherman says. “And it’s a unique opportunity, with five residential building lots for building new construction. It’s also two-pronged, because we’re looking to sell the property either to individual end users to build their dream home, or to a builder to buy the package of five and then build and resell on his own.”

There is a sense of wonder in Leatherman’s voice, which after more than 30 years in the Long Island real estate is no easy feat to elicit. But it isn’t every day that buildable waterfront property comes available in this part of Long Island. Especially property with such a lineage.

“It’s extremely rare,” Leatherman says. “This was the old Allan Estate, previously known as The Moorings, and it was originally over 19 acres.” The original flagship lot was sold off, and now a quintet of lots remains, rolling along a landscape that offers a mix of sublime and surprising.

“The topography is interesting, because there are five lots, two of which are physical beachfront with actual beach overlooking Manhasset Bay with views of the New York City skyline,” Leatherman says. “The topography rolls up, so you go from low and it rolls up the hill, so the houses will be built on the hill with a view looking down toward the water. So it’s very scenic, with the view. And lots three and four, you have water views also.”

The Moorings Kevin Leatherman Nyc View

Courtesy Leatherman Homes

“It’s also unique within Sands Point itself, because these particular lots are where the active channel is,” he continues. “Boaters can’t just come and throw anchor overboard and just be kind of loitering outside your property invading your privacy visually and noise-wise. Because it is an active channel, boaters have to keep on moving, so in that sense it’s a very, very nice scenic private peaceful tranquil setting.”


Location, location, location. The very essence of real estate, and sometimes the essence of inspiration for timeless stories and stories whose time have yet to come.

“This is the East Egg,” Leatherman says, hearkening back once more to that Gatsby-esque aspiration. “This is where the old money was, in East Egg. So this is prime, prime Nassau County Gold Coast real estate. It’s phenomenal.”

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