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Make Your Home Simply BOO-tiful For Halloween

By: Kate Nalepinski

Happy Halloween! Below are some tips on how to avoid going overboard on your spooky decor. 123rf

It’s time to decorate for the big holiday season! Woah, slow down, not those holidays. At least not yet.

In nearly every neighborhood, there’s always that one homeowner who goes all out for Halloween. Orange and purple lights and pumpkins illuminate the front lawn, where tombstones are scattered in disarray. Wacky skeletons are hung from shingles, and the structure begins to feel less like a home and more like the Haunted Mansion.

Some homeowners may find it challenging to decorate without going over the top—in the U.S., more money is spent on decorating for Halloween than any holiday other than Christmas—especially when it comes to knowing how to make your space look perfectly autumnal and spooky without jeopardizing your everyday interior style.

Michelle Galante Zangari, interior designer with MZ Interior Design in Rockville Centre, says regardless of the season or space, the key is keeping numbers in mind.

“Holiday decor and display look best when grouping items in odd numbers,” Zangari says. “It’s more visually appealing and is a good rule of thumb whenever you are decorating your home, whether its pumpkins for Halloween or picture frames on a side table.”

Further, she says, Halloween decor doesn’t need to “match,” but homeowners should try to find a common thread.

“It could be a color that appears in every item or the material it’s made out of,” Zangari says. “Most of all, choose decor that makes you happy and creates a festive mood in your home.”