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How to Red-White-and-Blue Your Home Holiday Decor

By: Beverly Fortune

Metro Creative

Fourth of July weekend is the perfect time to give your home some flag-waving patriotic spirit.

Whether you decide to call in the pros for no-fail party décor or enlist your kids’ help to decorate (and keep them busy at the same time), we’ve put together a colorful list of last-minute 4th of July décor ideas to try:

Floral Spark
If you’re in a pinch and searching for some festivity, popping some flowers in a vase is a delicate and chic way to add some color and life to your space. We went straight to the décor and design experts at Central Florist in Valley Stream with our last-minute décor dilemma and came away with some great ideas:

Lisa Elfante, owner of the Long Island Choice Award-Winning Central Florist in Valley Stream, had some unique ways to put flowers to use, aside from a classic arrangement. 

“Something as simple as floating red, white, and blue flowers in the pool is down-to-earth and elegant.”

For some real fireworks, Elfante and her team of floral experts can create a beautiful backdrop of red, white and blue fabric that is enhanced with fresh flowers to use as a selfie station or a milieu for a candy table. 

Floating Festivity
Balloons can be a fast way to elevate and bring your party to a “higher” level. Tying balloons in an arch is a fun way to guide your guests to your gathering or makes for a bubbly photo-op.

“We do everything,” Elfante says proudly. She also suggested a red, white and blue balloon archway for over the pool or as a festive entry into your backyard.

Solar Salute
Solar lights are another excellent choice for a last-minute décor boost. They are easy to install and can make a lovely patriotic statement when the sun goes down. Plus, they are available in a variety of colors and styles like American flags, stars, and starbursts.

Recruit the Family
With the kids home for summer vacation, we found some fun crafts and recipes that are easy and require no cooking or baking.

  1.     Sandy Centerpieces — Have the kids create centerpieces with a beachy, fourth vibe by filling glass jars with red, white and blue sand and top with a battery-operated candle.


  1.       Something Sweet — For dessert, dip Oreos or pretzel rods in white chocolate and top with red, white and blue sprinkles.


  1.       #Selfie! — Inexpensive plastic streamers or red, white, and blue tablecloths can be used to create a fringe backdrop for a selfie station. 


  1.     Lawn Stars — a quick and unique way to transform your landscape with patriotic stars!

Here is the how-to: Make a template out of sturdy cardboard using different sized stars.  Lay the stars out in a pattern on the lawn and spray the inside of the star with red, white, blue, gold or silver paint. Scatter the stars throughout your lawn for a great conversation piece for your party!

Hint: For a truly novel display, use Krylon Glowz glow in the dark paint (you can check out Michaels, Hobby Lobby or Home Depot).  When it gets dark, your lawn will light up like the fireworks in the sky!