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Living Better: Let Your Home Gym Workout Begin

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Working out at home was a trend already on the rise pre-pandemic, and it appears to only be on the rise here in 2022. According to the American College of Sports Medicine Health & Fitness Journal’s annual survey, the top fitness trend worldwide this year will be wearable technology, followed by home gyms.

“Home gyms will continue to be a popular alternative to going to a gym as a consequence of the global COVID-19 pandemic,” the ACSM says in the study. “People will continue to isolate themselves by staying home and taking advantage of the abundant equipment now available, along with effective on-line classes. Home gyms can use minimal equipment, or expensive treadmills and bikes. This is the first year that Home Exercise Gyms has appeared as a fitness trend.”

Is your Long Island home workout worthy? If so, fantastic. Let the wellness begin! If not, some local experts are ready to help do the heavy lifting (no, not that kind of heavy lifting).

P.J. Lopez of Pro Gym Supply in West Babylon says he’s seen “a new wave” of residents setting up at-home gyms due to the pandemic. “They don’t want to get sick and go to a crowded gym, they’d prefer to have equipment in their home,” he says. And a number of Long Islanders who are no longer going to a gym are willing to invest in wellness equipment, he notes.

If you want to get fit but prefer getting your sweat on at home, options abound. Michael Dern, co-owner of Carter’s Home Gym, recommends renting a universal home gym.

The universal home gym is a compact piece of equipment that allows users to perform a variety of exercises at one station. It’s a top-seller for the Westbury-based Carter’s Home Gym, Dern says, “primarily because it trains your total body.”

Universal at-home gyms are an all-in-one product, Dern says. “It has eight different machines built into one. Usually, there’d be eight different machines spread out across a gym. Instead, this is all put into one. It has a lap pull-down, a benchpress and more.” 

Not to mention, it’s a great pick for fitness newbies because it’s easy to use, Dern adds.

“On the piece of equipment, it actually gives you the examples of how to use it. For someone who might not be so experienced with working out, this machine pretty much teaches you how to use it yourself. You won’t have to worry very much about your form.” Carters has released instructional videos on how to use the product as well, he says. 

Among brands such as  Hudson Steel, Muscle D Fitness and Body Sculpture, each provide similar experiences for users, Dern says. He also notes the universal home gyms can cost up to $4,000, so rental programs are another trend rising on the workout-at-home frontier. “You could spend anywhere from $100 to $200 per month for a product that’s worth $4,000,” he explains, “and you can keep it as long as you want.”

One of the great advantages of at-home gyms, of course, is that you can always be, well, at the gym, as they offer schedule flexibility for busy trainees, Lopez says.

“We’re in the western mentality, we’re all workaholics. Sometimes you can try to squeeze in your workout before or after work. We work late, and before you know it, it’s 9 o’clock,” Lopez says. “If you have the equipment at home, you can just go to your own gym and work out to balance out your schedule.” 

As we walk and run and lift and stretch and bike and treadmill and the like through 2022, Lopez says, acquiring an at-home gym might also be a decision more landlords and commercial building owners will be considering. Lopez has recently witnessed an influx of apartment complexes and condominiums, especially in western Nassau County, that are renting workout equipment.

“Before, having a gym was considered to be like a luxury,” he says. “Now, it’s an absolutely necessity. You have to have a fitness room.”