Market Flash: Huntington Real Estate Highs & Lows

Huntington For Sale Sign

Huntington real estate hit a high median sales price of $847,500 this past August, but that number has dropped the past two months. A look at the most recent date shows that the median sales price of homes in Huntington was down year on year, as was the total number of homes that sold, while the sale-to-list price was up. What else is happening there? Welcome to this week’s Long Island HOME Market Flash as we head to Huntington, NY.

Huntington homes sold for a median price of $715,000 this past October, a decrease of 1.9% year on year, according to Redfin. Five years ago, the average median price was $505,000—the lowest number of the past half-decade—but has not gone below $522,000 (in May 2017) at any time since.

Huntington Median Home Sales Price
October 2016 $505,000
October 2017 $632,000
October 2018 $614,500
October 2019 $605,000
October 2020 $720,000

Among all the Huntingtonhomes that sold in October 2021, the sale-to-list price of 104.2% showed an increase of 6.3% over 2020. This is the highest such number during the prior five-years, having hit a low of 93.3% in May 2020.

The average home in Huntington stayed on the market for 19 days, a 15.6% drop from the 22-day average we saw last October. This is the fewest days on market average at any time in the past five years with the exception of the 17-day average we saw just this past September. In May 2020, the average days on market was 130 days, the highest number at any time in the past five years.

Fewer homes were sold in Huntington year on year—27 homes sold in October 2021, a decrease of 27% versus the same time period last year. The number of homes showing a drop in price was 11.5%, a decrease of 23.5% year on year.

According to Neighborhood Scout, the five highest appreciating Huntington neighborhoods since the year 2000 have been Little Plains, Town Center, Park Ave/Crooked Hill Rd., Park Ave./Broadway Greenlawn, and West Hills.

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