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Want Spring Flowers? Plant Bulbs This Fall, Experts Say

By: Kate Nalepinski

Experts suggest planting bulbs this fall for springtime flowers. 123rf

The sight of tulips, daffodils and hyacinths sprouting is one indication that spring has sprung. To ensure that these bright blooms pop through the ground in a few months, it’s best to plant them in the fall, says Frank Venezia, owner of Venezia’s Garden Center of Mineola.

“There’s really two times of the year that you can plant bulbs,” Venezia says. “The problem is—and this is where people sometimes go wrong—if you want spring flowers, you plant them in the fall. If you want summer bulbs, you plant them in the spring. So you always need to be one season ahead.”

Venezia notes that bulbs for spring flowers should be planted as early as October but no later than December, before the ground is frozen. The most popular flower that Long Islanders buy in the fall? Mums, Venezia believes.

An extra tip: mums are perennials, not annuals. This means that even if they appear to be dying, they’ll always bloom year after year. “They’ll definitely come back,” he says, “they just won’t be in the perfect shape so they may need to be trimmed.” We’ll have tips on that come next year.