Real Talk: Margaret Biegelman, Douglas Elliman

Margaret Beigelman

Photo Courtesy Margaret Beigelman, Douglas Elliman

“The concept of home to me is the place where you go each day for peace and comfort,” says Margaret Biegelman, “and where you get to dream, plan and enjoy.” Something of a dreamcatcher herself, the licensed associate broker with Douglas Elliman Real Estate radiates a good, positive energy with her trademark wide smile, can-do attitude and caring nature, “I love helping people. It is the most rewarding part of my career,” she says. “Every individual has certain real estate needs and wants, and being able to be part of their journey is beyond gratifying.”

Describe your dream listing.
Every listing is a dream listing. Each home is unique in its own special way and each home is special to the individual seller.

What is your favorite Long Island getaway?
I am usually working and don’t get away much, but I guess spending a few hours here and there at the beach would be a quick getaway.

When you were a kid, how would you have answered the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
When I was a kid, I wanted to be a teacher, so I guess wanting to help people started at an early age.

What three words describe your professional self?
Caring, attentive, supportive

Where do you find inspiration, personally and professionally?
Inspiration personally from friends or family who are or were going through tough times and stayed strong. Inspiration professionally from watching colleagues constantly strive to better themselves.

What is the most spontaneous thing you have ever done?
I bought a Mustang in Florida when I was eight months pregnant.

What is the biggest mistake most first-time home buyers make along the way toward finding a first home?
Thinking they do not need a real estate professional to help them and that they can get a better deal going directly to the listing agent, not realizing that the listing agent has their seller’s best interest in mind.

With so much information available online, what are some of the dangers/mistakes people make when using the internet in their home-buying or home-selling journey, and what are the advantages of working with a professional that the internet cannot provide?
Dangers/mistakes using the internet—believing that Zestimates as accurate and not being able to interpret the data to help them make informed decisions. Advantages—having an advocate with the buyer’s best interest at heart and to help guide them with accurate information when making offers on homes and having a list of mortgage lenders, attorneys and other professionals contacts they may need.

What is your favorite room in your home and why?
My den. It’s large and cozy and my place to relax.

What are the three most important questions you can ask a prospective client who is looking to buy a home? How about selling a home?
One:  Are you pre-approved with a lender? Two: What towns or areas are you looking for? Three: What price range are you comfortable with?

What motto do you try to live by?
Live each day to the max because tomorrow is never promised.