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“Selling the Hamptons” Brings Luxe Long Island Real Estate to Discovery+

Selling The Hamptons Cast (1)

The cast of “Selling The Hamptons” (from left): J.B. Andreassi, Bianca D'Alessio, Michael Fulfree, Mia Calabrese, Peggy Zabakolas, Kenny AriasCourtesy Discovery+

Location, location, location. Indeed. Some of Long Island’s hottest real estate gets its day in the sun as Selling the Hamptons, the new series launching on Discovery+, takes us all inside the East End real estate market and a sextet of agents making the deals happen.

The eight-episode show follows a team of six Hamptons-based real estate agents from Nest Seekers International—Bianca D’Alessio, J.B. Andreassi, Michael Fulfree, Peggy Zabakolas, Kenny Arias and Mia Calabrese—during their busiest selling season.

“With high demand, limited inventory and a short selling season from Memorial Day to Labor Day,” a Discovery+ statement says of what we can expect, “pressure reaches explosive levels and loyalties are tested.”

Southampton native Andreassi, a fourth-generation Hamptonite, says the area is the perfect backdrop for the series: its amenities and convenience are perfect for their many Manhattan clients. 

“You have the best beaches in the world, you have some of the best equestrians for a short time in the calendar year, you always have local farmstands where you can get any local produce and pies, our wineries are amazing,” Andreassi says, “and then you have these monstrous homes amongst all of this.”  

J.b. Andreassi, As Seen On Selling The Hamptons.

J.B. Andreassi, as seen on Selling the Hamptons.discovery+

He can’t wait for viewers to see all the Hamptons hot spots, something that he feels most real estate shows wouldn’t offer. “The production company and Discovery+ did an awesome job in capturing some of the lifestyle elements that have been missing in other real estate/reality shows I’ve seen,” he says. “Going to mainstays like Pierre’s in Bridgehampton, or Southampton Social Club…some of these places that I grew up going to —that some of our very successful clients go to for dinner or lunch—it’s showing off those things.”

What really takes the cake, Andreassi says, is the close-up on the stunning properties, which this season ranged in price from $5 million to $35 million. “What’s awesome is the design, architecture and build-outs inside of these very pricey homes,” he says. 

Selling the Hamptons kicks off with a black-tie open house event at a famous modern East Hampton home known as “The Glass House,” hosted by Andreassi, and throughout its run captures many of the record-breaking sales that took place in the 2021 season. Of the 10 most expensive homes sold on Long Island last year, every single one was in the Hamptons.

About 5 to 10 various real estate companies have storefronts in every major Hamptons hamlet, Andreassi notes. Further, there are roughly 1,500 agents that service the Hamptons alone. It’s created an incredibly competitive market, which is all documented in the action of Selling the Hamptons

“That’s a whole lot of agents trying to go after not a whole lot of properties available for sale,” he says. “We’re all competing to represent some of the most successful people in the world, and their properties. It leads to a lot of nonstop, relentless work, and just trying to separate yourselves and being better than the next person.”

In such a uniquely competitive landscape, New York broker D’Alessio notes that the Nest Seekers International team—members of which viewers may also be familiar with from the Netflix show Million Dollar Beach House—is “game-changing brokerage. We are innovative, fierce, and cutting-edge. It is our job to stand out in the Hamptons real estate scene where there are even more premier listings at stake and more money to be made than ever before.” 

Selling the Hamptons, produced by DIGA Studios, is available for streaming on January 20 on Discovery+.