Seven Spectacular Home Upgrades for 2022

Theater Room In Luxury Home With Stadium Seating


Increasing value, improving livability, enhancing comfort, upgrading safety… There are any number of reasons to take on a home improvement or expansion project, and regardless of the impetus, homeowners are still going all-in on in 2022. Kitchens and baths traditionally top lists such as this, and with good reason—historically they have offered the best return on investment when it came to selling the home—but those rooms and their products are far from the only areas for upgrades we’re seeing here on Long Island.

Outdoor Living Spaces—The pandemic ushered in an entirely new appreciation for both the form and function of outdoor living spaces, a trend that continues here in 2022. We’re talking room for entertaining such as decks, porches and patios, but also accoutrements that take those spaces to the next level, such as large-screen outdoor TVs and high-output firepits, as well as outdoor cooking appliances that go beyond a standard grill to include wine refrigerators, wood-fired pizza ovens and more.

Smart Home Tech—Making daily duties easier is the goal in so many aspects of life, and the home is one area where the dreams and the realities are moving at an equally rapid pace. Home security sand monitoring systems remain high on homeowner lists, as well as tech that can help make a home more energy efficient by monitoring temperature, lighting and, for that matter, anything plugged into an outlet. Smart displays are becoming increasingly popular, we hear, as homeowners look for ways to keep everything from home security monitoring to video calling to personal photos all a tap away on a single device.

Luxe Laundry Rooms—A washer and dryer on the main floor are among the most requested aspects of a laundry room, but regardless of the placement, laundry rooms are not for laundry alone. High-end cabinetry for storage, overhead lighting fixtures (not naked fluorescent bulbs, please) and well as recessed lighting to illuminate countertops, and even center islands, once reserved for kitchens but now very much at home in laundry rooms for folding and ironing as well as crafting, sewing and other tasks.

Swimming Pools—The demand remains high among pool builders on Long Island, as homeowners are still seeking to turn their backyards into the ultimate staycation destinations. Among the design enhancements making these pools ever more personalized and pleasing are rimflow spas, tanning ledges, rock slides and in-water benches and stools that can even be incorporated into a swim-up bar.

Better Basements—Finished basements have not always been on the must-have list of home improvements, but with people looking to maximize living space in their homes like never before—more than one in five buyers were looking for bigger homes last year—a beautified basement can add functionality and value. This holds especially true for lower living areas converted into home theaters, dine-in wine cellars and home gyms. 

Home Gyms—Homeowners aren’t talking just a nice piece of workout equipment, but also a space in the home dedicated to personal wellness. Exercise, meditation, both, these are places where it’s all about self-improvement and no distractions. Before you pick a space, our experts say, think about how the area will be used. Will you need room for free weights and a treadmill and a stationary bike, for example, as well as space for yoga or another form of exercise? Will you be working out alone, or will other family members be there at the same time? Do you want a TV or sound system, or are your ear buds enough? Is natural light important—and then, do the windows give you enough privacy?

Home Offices—The term du jour is “dedicated workspace” in some circles, as the work-at-home movement seems here to stay to at least some degree in many industries. Turning a bedroom or even garage into an office space has gone beyond a folding chair and card table for your laptop, however. Natural light and enough physical space are must-haves, but so are shelving, artwork, meeting space such as a couch or table and chairs in a part of the room opposite a desk, even a space for a yoga mat to unwind while still “being at work” at home.