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Show Your Car the Love Through Long Island Winter

Car Tires On Winter Road


Wintertime on Long Island can take its toll on so many aspects of life, from storm damage on your house to snow havoc in the yard to dropping temperatures raising your heating bills. The need for preparation is key, and that goes for the garage as much as any other space inside or outside the home—to say nothing of the vehicle that lives there.

“The most important thing you can do to keep your car in good condition during the winter months is to monitor the car,” says Kevin Killea Jr. of Rockville Centre Auto Repair and Towing. “If you notice anything strange—for example, a light on the dash or the vehicle not starting as quickly as normal—you should inquire as soon as possible.

“The parts of the vehicle that are most impacted with the colder climate are the battery, your tires, and the fluids being up-to-date on the fluid flushes,” he continues, “and looking for any changes in the drivability of the car—as well as indicators on the dash—will certainly keep your car in better shape this winter.”

Keeping your vehicle sheltered from the elements is certainly helpful in protecting it, but you don’t want to keep it hidden all season. Locking it away could actually do more harm than good if you aren’t careful. Besides, cars belong on the road, right?

“When keeping your car in the garage for the winter, make sure you keep the car active,” Killea warns. “In other words, do no neglect the car. Cars are meant to be driven, so make sure the car gets a good ride at least once every two weeks. This will help keep fluids running, keep the rubber components active, and help the car recharge and add life to the battery.”

Of course, hitting the road in winter means that the road will no doubt hit back, particularly once those snowstorms start to arrive.

“It is important to keep the car clean in the winter,” Killea offers. “When the weather gets colder and we get snow, the roads get applied with sand and salt for traction. The salt can do damage to the components under the car. It is advised to wash the car after a trip through salted roads.”

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