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Spring Ahead with That Springtime Garden Design Prep

By: Kate Nalepinski
Lush Botanical Garden


The joys of surrounding a home with flowers, trees, ponds, stones and other touches are as varied as the gardens that come together in their midst. Every landscape presents a way to connect with the natural world, to bring new visions to life, to create something that will never be exactly the same from one day to the next, but will grow and evolve over time.

As we prep to spring ahead this weekend, and then turn the calendar officially to spring a few weeks from now, we are ready once again for the season that presents a fresh canvas just waiting to be transformed. The yards that have been dormant these many months are set for us all to realize the potential in the proverb “Life begins the day you start a garden.”

The beginning of a beautiful landscape starts, naturally, at the beginning. Create a plan, a vision, to follow. The first step, says David Curcios, owner of V.S. Roses Landscape and Design, is “you have to look at the borders of the home. That’s along the line of where your grass ends and your soil starts. You’ll want to plant along the border of all entranceways, and you’ll want those to be well-manicured.”

While it’s a bit too early for any outdoor planting just yet, it’s never too soon to start envisioning what flowers will beautify your landscape, and when.

For the brightest blooms this spring, hold off on purchasing flowers until after Mother’s Day, Curcios notes. “Around that time, flowers that come out are impatiens, marigolds, which produce really bright color schemes.” Pansies purchased in March or April will last through the spring, but blooms bought after Mother’s Day can hold out throughout the summer, often until September, Curcios adds.

Big gardens may inspire huge plans, but they can also create some anxiety for those who’ve never gotten down in the dirt before. That’s okay. First-time gardeners, don’t be afraid to start small, Curcios adds. It’s great to purchase one or two flats of flowers and lay them in flower pots near the entryways for a burst of color.