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Hot Topic: Wood vs. Gas to Keep Home Fires Burning

Fireplace season is upon us on Long Island, the cooler days and nights finally arriving and bringing with them the burning desire for flickering flames, the sounds and scents of crackling logs, and the warmth that a fire brings to both body and soul. But what type of fire gets you fired up is as heated a debate as dogs vs. cats, chocolate vs. vanilla, summer vs. winter—the beauty being, you really can’t lose, no matter which side you choose when it comes to deciding between gas-burning and wood-burning options.

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Bring Valentine’s Day Love Into Your Home

Hearts and flowers and Cupids and red trappings galore... Going overboard with Valentine's Day decor is easy to do—maybe even a bit too easy, especially after the explosion of decorating that stems from the Christmas holiday season. But there are plenty of ways to elevate your indoor space without overdoing the lovey-dovey vibes for February 14...and beyond.... Read More
Dried Wreath On A Wooden Door

Wreaths Bring Seasonal Home Decor Full Circle

Spring may still be a few weeks off, if that groundhog is to be believed, but finally it seems most Christmas decorations have been taken down across Long Island, and we can begin looking ahead. There are any number of ways to capture the joy embodied in the cycle of the year having come full circle, back to this beginning, and among the most beloved signs of the season at home is the wreath.... Read More
Pinterest Try On For Home

Pinterest’s New Try On for Home Has Arrived

So you want to get a new sofa for the living room of your Long Island home, or maybe you’re contemplating how that new table and accompanying chairs will look in the dining room. You’ve searched online, maybe you’ve even been to the store, but you’re still having trouble actually picturing how it will look in your space. You’re not alone. And now Pinterest is ready to help you tackle these décor challenges with its new Try On for Home in-app augmented reality (AR) function.... Read More
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