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The Moorrings Kevin Leatheman

Gold Coast and Great Gatsby Dreams in Sands Point

Across the courtesy bay the white palaces of fashionable East Egg glittered along the water… And so F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby transports us to the Gold Coast of Long Island, into the timeless elegance it embodies to this very day. Of course, while East Egg is the stuff of fiction, its real-world inspiration in Sands Point is very real. It may still feel like the stuff of dreams, truth be told.

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That Unforgettable First Real Estate Deal

Nicholas Colombos and Angela Dooley certainly know a thing or two about firsts. As the founding agents for Compass on Long Island, the duo has pioneered not only a real estate business but the building of a real estate team, a sterling reputation and a base of knowledge that is second to none…... Read More
Moorings Allan Estate City View Night

Property of the Week: The Moorings/Allen Estate in Sands Point

We’re talking history, we’re talking waterfront, we’re talking views of Manhattan. We’re talking The Great Gatsby, we’re talking rare opportunity, we’re talking Sands Point. We’re talking 29 Cedar Lane, 27 Cedar Lane, 25 Cedar Lane, 23 Cedar Lane, 21 Hicks Lane. We’re talking the Long Island HOME: Property of the Week.... Read More
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Long Island HOME: The Podcast Welcomes Jane Clifford of Signature Premier Properties

Buyers and sellers alike are looking for advice in a Long Island real estate market the likes of which we've never seen. Where to find it? We turned to Jane Clifford of Signature Premier Properties, who joins us on Long Island HOME: The Podcast to discuss the current state affairs, some surprising new buyer and seller behaviors, and more.... Read More
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