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2022 05 26 Propertyoftheweek05

Living Large in Long Beach

This stunner built in 1923 has a deceptive curb appeal that makes it look smaller than it is. But take a look from the side of this corner lot in Long Beach and things start to become clear.

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Step Inside a Nearly $50M Great Neck Mansion

There are dream homes, and then there are homes you can only dream about. For most, this one is the latter.... Read More
2022 04 28 Guastavino Outside

Property of the Week: Inside a Master Craftsman’s Masterpiece

You know the tiled, vaulted ceiling at the Oyster Bar in Grand Central Terminal? Or the similar one in the market beneath the Queensboro Bridge? Well, those famous ceilings (and many more) were designed by master builder Rafael Guastavino, Sr., and his son, Rafael Jr. — the latter of which happened to live in a waterfront villa on Awixa Avenue in Bay Shore.... Read More
19 Pen Mor

Property of the Week: Your At-Home Resort at Pen Mor Drive

Why head to a resort this summer when you can own your own? Located in the Pen Mor Farms subdivision of Muttontown, this built-in-2004 stunner will have you wishing you were home seconds after jetting off on your latest vacation.... Read More
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