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Red Front Door

Red (Front Door Version)

You don’t need to be Taylor Swift to love yourself some red. And you don’t need to be a genius to see the beauty of a red front door. Although in that second case, it might not hurt. During his time at Princeton, as folklore has it, Albert Einstein painted his front door red so he could remember which home was his. Surely it worked, and gave the house a bit more curb appeal in the process. But one wonders if Einstein knew of the long tradition in which he was immersing himself.

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Lush Botanical Garden

Spring Ahead with That Springtime Garden Design Prep

As we prep to spring ahead this weekend, and then turn the calendar officially to spring a few weeks from now, we are ready once again for the season that presents a fresh canvas just waiting to be transformed. The yards that have been dormant these many months are set for us all to realize the potential in the proverb “Life begins the day you start a garden.”... Read More
Theater Room In Luxury Home With Stadium Seating

Seven Spectacular Home Upgrades for 2022

Increasing value, improving livability, enhancing comfort, upgrading safety… There are any number of reasons to take on a home improvement or expansion project, and regardless of the impetus, homeowners are still going all-in on in 2022. From outstanding outdoor spaces to personal gyms to lovely laundry rooms, step inside to see what's hot for Long Island homes right now...... Read More

New Kitchen Looks with Old-School Charm

Regardless of a house's style, the kitchen, more than any other room, is the heart of the home. And an updated kitchen is essential to both day-to-day living and marketability when putting a home up for sale. But if you live in a house that has a past you're looking to preserve, how can you upgrade an older kitchen and maintain its historic charm? Read on... ... Read More
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