Talking Property Tax Grievance Extension with Maidenbaum Tax

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“We’ve absolutely gone into overtime, which I guess is a good thing for Nassau County homeowners,” says Property Tax Supervisor John P. Frascella of Maidenbaum Tax Reduction Group LLC.

Frascella isn’t talking football or Olympic hockey—even better, he is talking about the extension that was announced by Nassau County for filing a 2023/2024 property tax grievance. The new date is May 2, 2022, but there’s more to know than just the day on the calendar.

What does the filing extension mean? Why did it happen? How does it help homeowners?

Find out as Long Island HOME: The Podcast welcomes back John P. Frascella to share his expertise, insights and important information on what every Nassau County homeowner needs to know about that May 2 deadline.

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