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The Holistic Home: New Year, New You, New Home

By: Catherine Canadeo
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Courtesy Catherine Canadeo

Now is a great moment to focus on how to make your home healthy and happy as you embrace a holistic approach to living well. While you can make a positive change during any season, there’s something about the start of a new year that feels like the right time to turn over a new leaf. It’s a time of year to make big lifestyle changes and create new healthy habits in our homes. So how can we use this time to think about what motivates you and inspires you the most in creating a healthy home life?

When contemplating our New Year’s resolutions, accept that our main objective is to live happy and healthy lives. Holistic living can help us become connected to ourselves and the world, enabling us to be more mindful, appreciative, aware, and balanced in our lives, and in our homes.

A holistic home connects your mind, body and spirit and creates a space of balance and harmony. Living in a nurturing home is reflective of our mindset of how we wish to live our lives. Our subconscious influences our homes as emotional issues and challenges all manifest in our living space. The physical aspects such as furniture, accessories, textures, organization and design relate to how our bodies fit into our home. The spirit influences the invisible yet palpable energy you feel in your home environment, as your blessings and lessons of life are the soul of your home.


The elements that surround us in our indoors—air quality, water quality, lighting, thermal and acoustics—have a direct impact on our respiratory, cardiovascular, immune, cognitive, digestive and sleep outcomes. There’s no question about it, in the past two years the pandemic has changed how we live, especially in our homes. As we found ourselves spending more time in our homes, we had more time to figure out what we want and need in a living space. We found new ways to interact with each other while living at home. This reshaped the way we worked, slept, lived, exercised and entertained. Now we are putting more energy and time into more uses and spaces of our homes, and designing them in a new lifestyle, decorating with intention, which is more home-centered.

Creating a holistic home means understanding your needs and wants to create artistry, functionality and mindful design within your living space. This is the perfect time to clean out clutter and repurpose or donate things that you don’t really need or love. We all inherit or collect too much stuff, and too much stuff equals stress. A clean and organized home is the first step in creating a relaxed space.

The next step is looking at each room and thinking about how you want to use it and how you would most enjoy it. For example, if you have a fireplace in your living room, find a great spot for you to snuggle up with loved ones or get cozy and read a book.

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Courtesy Catherine Canadeo

Here are some ways to reconfigure spaces in your home to create a more nurturing, healthy environment:

  1. Private spaces are back: Big, beautiful open layouts have been all the rage, but as families worked and studied from home this past year, the need for private space has become more important. The small spaces embrace the coziness and intimacy that helps us to reconnect to ourselves and our surroundings.
  2. Home offices are a high priority:Gone are the days of opening your laptop at the dining room table. Create a dedicated space to spend your work hours and an aesthetic background for Zoom calls. Consider natural light, pretty artwork, plants and no clutter to create a warm yet productive and nurturing environment.
  3. Get creative with underutilized spaces:Look at that spare room or attic that’s not being utilized and turn it into a self-care room. A home gym, meditation and yoga room, craft room, wine cellar or whatever inspires and motivates you will become your happy space that aligns with your mind, body, and spirit.
  4. Outdoor spaces:Create a comfortable and cozy outdoor living space that can have a multi-functioning all-year-round purpose. You can extend the season by incorporating outdoor heaters, fire pits, etc. Many families are investing in and prioritizing their backyards with expanded entertaining areas for family and social gatherings, which help us to stay connected and get closer with the outdoors and be part of nature.

Your home should be your haven, where you feel totally comfortable and at ease. I always look at each room and try to figure out how people can be happiest in it. The key is to identify the purpose of the space (gatherings, entertaining, relaxing, working, etc.) and go from there.

Our home has become more important than ever, especially when living a nurturing holistic lifestyle. As we continue to adapt to our constantly changing environment, we must embrace and redefine our homes as spaces of both learning and living, productivity and play, form and function. As we usher in a new era, our homes need to be relaxing retreats, functional workspaces, and the center of our sanctuary. Use the new year as an opportunity to build the perfect balance between your home and your life.

Catherine Canadeo is a board-certified holistic health coach and integrative functional nutritionist certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and an allied health professional of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. She is a nationally recognized holistic health and wellness consultant and has coached and consulted with hundreds of private clients, groups, and corporations. She teaches workshops and speaks at a variety of venues from national corporate events and conventions to local spa studios. Learn more at catherinecanadeo.com.