Three Ways to Boost Your Curb Appeal 

By: Alexa Anderwkavich
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Eric Feil

Your home tells a story and, though we should not, as humans we tend to judge books by their covers. While older books are known to be well-loved due to its worn nature, the ones that are well kept are the sought after rarities. Your house deserves to be treated with the same tender love and care and be showcased at its best, inside and out. 

This kind of TLC is called curb appeal and it’s always in style. Even better, it’s perpetually the right time to take on a project that can add a visual boost and some value. Here are three ways to get started! 

Mailbox Makeover

Often overlooked, the mailbox is just as much a part of the house as any other facet of your home. Hand-me-down mailboxes from previous homeowners are not uncommon, but consider making a mailbox your own. Some homeowners design theirs as a replica of the actual house or other quirky, creative touches, but sometimes all that’s needed is to swap it out with something new and more contemporary.

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker at Compass Elizabeth Markovic says that passersby often point out interesting or notable mailboxes, but sometimes the thought of making a simple mailbox change to their own home can be overlooked.

“Think of it as an accent, a compliment,” Markovic said. “I’ve seen so many mailboxes, but those that are creative truly stand out. It shouldn’t take away from the home, but add to it. The homes where the owner puts thought into the mailbox can sometimes tell a story and can bring some fun to real estate.” 

The Perfect Path

Having a clear way to the door is an important aspect of your house. Whether it is stepping stones, a gravel path or pavers, there needs to be something clearly showing the way. You can enhance your walkway with flowers, shrubs, lights, stones or lawn ornaments.

Marketing and E-Commerce Associate of Hicks Nurseries, Karen Musgraves, knows that any area can be taken up a notch with a few plants. The pops of colors, shapes, and general ownership of plants can boost your mood along with your curb appeal. 

“Coneflower, black-eyed susans, and daylilies are a bright and vibrant way to add cheerful feeling to your walkways and garden beds,” Musgraves said. You can line any feature on your property flowers or plants or draw onlooker’s gaze to your favorite part of the house with a few bright colored plants. 

Owner of VS Roses Landscape & Design, David Turcios, gives his landscape artistry expertise in ways you can add colors along your path as well — sun or shade.  

“For a sunny spot, try sunflowers or marigolds. Both of these flowers are easy to care for and will add a pop of color,” The expert landscape designer said. “ If you have a shadier spot, consider planting impatiens or fuchsias. These flowers will thrive in lower light conditions and will add a touch of elegance to your path or garden.” 

Lawns are another huge aspect of your out-front flora, especially here on Long Island. Be sure to water your grass in the morning, this way it doesn’t burn when the sun is at its peak but also it will have enough time to absorb, and maintain it by pulling weeds, raking and mowing.

“Maintaining a well-manicured lawn is one of the most effective ways to boost curb appeal. A healthy lawn is reflective of a well-kept home, which can increase its value and appeal to potential buyers,” Turcios explained. “Furthermore, a neatly trimmed lawn creates a sense of order and can make a property appear larger than it actually is. In addition, a green lawn is visually pleasing and provides a space for outdoor activities.”

No matter what your gardening style, there’s a flower that’s perfect for every path or front door on Long Island. So get out there and start planting!

Better in Balance

It is in our nature to be attracted to things that are even and balanced. Symmetry can be incredibly alluring, so it is best to do things in twos: If you add a light on one side, for example, do the same to the other.

“When elements in your yard are symmetrical, they create a sense of balance and harmony. This can help to make your yard look more attractive and inviting,” Turcios said. “Additionally, symmetrical design can also be simpler to care for. If all of the plants and features in your yard are evenly spaced and evenly sized, it will be easier to keep them looking neat and tidy.” 

Too much attention on one area can be off-putting. And in this case “go big or go home” need not apply—you are already home—so it’s usually best to stick to good things in moderation. If you are to add a “feature piece” in one part of your front yard, make it an element that can be balanced out on the opposite side as well. Remember, you want to make a good impression.