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Tick Tock: Time to Get Ready to Fight Ticks for Fall

By: Lee Meyer
Boy And Girl Playing With Fallen Leaves In Autumn

Ticks can be prominent even in colder seasons, experts say.123rf

Time is running out on warmer weather, but that doesn’t mean Long Islanders should let their guard down when it comes to one of the most important aspects of home safety: tick defense.

“You may think ticks disappear in the winter months, but the risk of being bitten never goes away, and ticks will remain active when temps are above freezing,” says Brian Kelly, owner of East End Tick & Mosquito Control. “Blacklegged [deer] ticks have the ability to survive harsh weather, and while some ticks die at 14 degrees Fahrenheit, many can survive all the way to below -7 degrees. Unfed adult ticks have the strength to resume questing for blood once temperatures hit above freezing.”

Professional treatments are an option, but there are also steps homeowners can take on their own, Kelly notes. Yes, even though the trees are still filled with leaves, they will soon be headed toward the ground.

“Tick survival is enhanced by shade and moisture, and leaf litter provides both,” he says, “so it’s ideal for tick nests and should be removed from your property to help limit the tick population for the 2022 season.”