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Wet and Wild: Incorporating a Water Feature into Your Garden This Season

Decorative Beautifully Arranged Pond

A decorated pond in a backyard garden or yard can advance the overall comfort of a home. Photo courtesy 123rf

Spring has finally settled on Long Island. Temperatures are climbing and those sprouts are beginning to bloom. This means it’s a good time to start thinking about upgrading your yard and garden spaces. If you’re seeking serenity, consider adding a pond or other water element to your garden or backyard space.

Water elements provide myriad benefits to a home garden in both form and function. The contrast of colors and textures of a small waterfall, fountain or pond against flowing green plantings or hard stone provides eye-catching focal points.

Unlike many plants in a garden, which can require constant care, “any water feature can be low-maintenance,” says Doug Steigerwald, owner and operator of DesignScapes of Long Island. “But none are maintenance-free.”


Koi ponds can provide a much-needed moment of serenity in a garden or yard. Courtesy MetroCreative

A pondless waterfall, for example, in which water runs along a stream or bed of pebbles and spills into a decorative stone basin, is safe for pets and children, Steigerwald notes, while offering white noise to enhance entertaining, conversation and relaxation.

A quiet pond set amid trees, grasses and other native flora can offer a soothing space for quiet reflection as well as a habitat for aquatic plants and fish, such as koi, which symbolize luck, prosperity, happiness and, as befits an ideal garden, harmony.