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What Makes a Dream Home Here on Long Island

Beautiful Custom House Drawing And Ghosted House Above Grass Field.


A dream is a listing your heart makes. Isn’t that how the old song goes? Well, it’s something like that. The concept of the dream home has inspired writers and filmmakers through the ages, along with countless buyers and sellers and brokers and agents, in pursuit of the perfect property. Is it a mansion or a quaint cottage? Water-front or mountaintop? New construction or a centuries-old house? Classic or modern? The answer is yes. And no.

A dream home is in the eye of the beholder, offering something different for everyone. Some find it, some continue their quest endlessly. In our search for what makes a dream home, we turn to Kevin Leatherman of Leatherman Homes, a real estate expert with 30 years in the arena of helping turn such dreams into something more tangible.

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Kevin LeathermanCourtesy Kevin Leatherman

“A Nassau County dream home is most certainly subjective. Depending on perspective, marital status, familial status and, of course, architectural style. For some people it is an enchanting South Shore paradise enthralled with scenic appeal. For another it could be a private gated luxury townhouse on the North Shore with all the amenities.

“Maybe it is a charming old-style cottage on a secluded lot, or simply a picturesque classic colonial with a lush green lawn and a white picket fence with an infinity pool located in a pleasant suburb within an elite school system. For others it may be an artsy style home in Sea Cliff with muse-worthy views that spark a creative fire.

“A ‘Dream Listing’ has to appeal to the buyer’s vision in a way that captivates their hearts with desire. When they see the listing, it should inspire the inclination that this is where they are meant to be in the hope that their daydreaming fantasy can actually become a reality!”

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