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What’s the Oddest Real Estate Question You’ve Ever Heard?

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To describe the recent past in the Long Island real estate market as crazy would be as understated as calling oceanfront property on Dune Road a decent location. The meteoric rise in sale prices, the bidding wars, the challenge of limited inventory, the downs and ups of mortgage rates…it’s been a wild ride filled with things we’ve never seen before. Well, at least some of us. As our gathering of local real estate share the craziest questions they’ve ever been asked about real estate, it seems some people have seen and heard it all.

When it comes to real estate, no question is too crazy. Or maybe it is.

Elizabeth Markovic
I truly believe there is no crazy question. Every person has different knowledge levels, different needs, etcetera, so it’s really hard for me to pick one. My answer has and always will be that there is no crazy question one can ask.

Ray Pearson
Cobbleridge Realty Corp.
There are too many to recall that are not G-rated. I guess the “oddest” would have to be about ghosts. This one lady and her family showed up to the first of four homes that we were seeing that day with a giant iPad. I never saw one that large before. She took one step in the house and said, “No, this is not for us.” I said okay, no problem, we have three more to see.

We went to the next one and the same thing happened. We then went to the third home and, wouldn’t you know, I received the same reaction. I asked politely, “Why are you saying no to the homes after just taking one step inside the home?” Something I probably should have asked after the first one.

She said, “You keep showing us homes with ghosts.” I was a bit puzzled, since I didn’t know I was doing that. She then showed me the iPad, with these blue dots floating around on the screen that represented ghosts. She said, “Do you know if the next home has any ghosts?” I said, “Honestly, I really don’t know, but I do know of a place I’m going right after this that has spirits.”

Karen Elefante
The craziest question I get is, “Did anyone ever die in the house? I don’t want to buy a house if anyone has ever passed away here!” The way I see it, if someone died of old age in the house and not in a hospital, that is great! Most of the time you don’t know the answer to that question. How strange.

Agustina De La Cruz
Berkshire Hathaway Laffey International Realty
“Can I go ahead and get started with the painting and stuff that needs to get done in this house but not move in and sleep here until we close?”

Kevin Leatherman
Leatherman Homes
Someone once asked me, “Do you know if the home was built on ancient Indian burial grounds?”

Dee Dee Brix
The craziest question I’ve ever been asked in real estate is if the seller will take $500,000 cash “under the table.” There are several reasons why I would never be a part of that­not to mention, I want the sale price to be accurate because I’m proud of the prices I bring to my sellers.

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